Zhong Yin Law Firm is the only law firm at home and abroad with the capability to provide enterprises with fine legal risk management. Our core lawyers are not only professionally and systematically trained in both law and economic management, but also very experienced in legal risk management practices. They can provide clients with overall solutions including system identification, evaluation, quantification, control and management of legal risk, and enable our clients to improve management efficiency, reducing costs and thereby achieving the strategic objectives of sustainable development, which is also the core objective of our legal risk management team.

Enterprise Legal Risk Assessment

Assessment is the first step of an enterprise’s legal risk management. Only with a clear understanding of the overall embodiment of the enterprise’s legal risks and their impact on the enterprise’s business objectives can the management of the enterprise properly formulate and implement legal risk management strategies to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise. Legal risk cost analysis is the basis for our legal risk assessment service.

Service Scope

●Enterprise legal risk cost index assessment service
●Enterprise overall legal risk assessment service
●Enterprise legal risk assessment for business process service

●Project legal risk assessment for project service
●Listed company Legal Risk Index assessment service

Enterprise Legal Risk Management

Legal risk management services are co-provided by Zhong Yin Law Firm and the Enterprise Legal Risks Institute of the China Commercial Law Research Association. Legal risk management is a set of legal risk-preventive management system including process identification, empirical analysis, quantitative evaluation, cost analysis, software management and dynamic support. The system’s basic concept is to solve enterprise legal risk problems by means of management, and the basic principle is to describe the enterprise legal risks in the language of economics. The system can provide long-term, holistic and dynamic legal risk management solutions, and is currently the only enterprise legal risk management system established on the basis of fine legal risk management theory.

Service Scope

●Enterprise overall legal risk management service
●Enterprise sectional legal risk management service
●Project legal risk management service

●Enterprise special legal risks services for senior managers

Government Legal Risk Management

The primary goal of the government is to build a harmonious society, and illegal behaviors have become the greatest hidden impediment. The basic content of Zhong Yin Law Firms’ governmental legal risk management service is to make clear the business procedures of the functional departments of the government, to detect and analyze hidden legal risks especially those legal risks that may easily cause mass events, and put forward responding preventive measures and emergency schemes. The detection technology and controlling methods that our service adopts are essentially the same as those of the enterprise risks management, but uses its own unique method and analysis tool in quantitative assessment and comprehensive valuation.

NPO Legal Risk Management
The NPO has developed notably in China in recent years, with a big breakthrough not only in the quantity, but also in the scope of activities and fields involved. Reputation of NPO is frequently affected due to of legal cases such as litigation. The basic content of our service is to develop and achieve the goals of NPO under compliance preconditions in order to detect and quantify the hidden legal risks during the business activities of NPO, to analyze and assess the influence of these legal risks on the organizations, and to put forward corresponding preventive measures. The detection technology and controlling methods that this service adopts are essentially the same as those of the enterprise risks management, but uses its own unique method and analysis tool in quantitative assessment and comprehensive valuation.

Social Elites Legal Risk Management

With Chinese legislation being perfected day by day, the legal sense of the general public is increasing and media like the Internet is developing. Under this situation, leaders or administrators, CEOs, owners of private companies, entertainers, sports stars, professors, writers, lawyers, accountants and other social elites are facing an increasing number of risks that can lead to serious consequences. The basic content of our service is to provide preventive and relatively systemic personal risk management services for these social elites.

Practical Cases on Fine Management of Enterprise Legal Risk

Example of application: The determination of targets in enterprise legal risk management
Assuming that the legal risk cost of our client is 4000 RMB (meaning that the legal risk cost for an enterprise is 4000 RMB for every 10,000 RMB profits that it has earned), whereas average cost of other listed companies in the same business is only 2000 RMB. Therefore, we can conclude that the enterprise legal risk management of this client is apparently lagging, and should be improved with urgency. According to the result calculated above, we would suggest to our client to change their elementary goal so to decrease the cost index to the average level, namely, 2000 RMB. The final goal is to bring the index below the standard level of the legal risk cost system, which is the legal risk cost index after all nonsystematic legal risks have been eliminated.