Zhong Yin Law Firm (“Zhong Yin”) has extensive experience in the Multi-Level Marketing (“MLM”) industry. We have assisted direct selling/MLM clients from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, Norway, the Middle East, and mainland China with their market development and business license acquisition in Taiwan, mainland China, as other locations in Asia. We always strive to find the best and most efficient solutions for our clients, in the changing and competitive MLM industry, made possible by our deep and long-term involvement in the industry. The patterns that are common with the service type product and sharing economy are very likely to combine with the MLM industry in a positive way in the future in order to bring new opportunities to the MLM industry. Zhong Yin has the qualifications and expertise to deal with any changes that our clients in the MLM may find themselves facing.

Zhong Yin also held a seminar on November 21st, 2013 titled “Beating the Personal Information Protection Act for Direct Selling Companies Seminar”. The purpose of this seminar was to help provide information on how to navigate the Personal Information Protection Act which began enforcement in October of 2012, and the “Practices for the Multi-Level Marketing Companies To Provide Personal Information Security Maintenance as well as Process Personal Information After Business Termination” which was announced by the Fair Trade Commission on April 30th, 2013. In this seminar, attended by well-known foreign and domestic direct selling companies, we explained how managers of direct selling companies can utilize the Personal Information Protection Act to keep their representatives and distributers from being unable to acquire the information of their down-line.

Zhong Yin is the premier one-stop service provider to local and foreign MLM industry companies. We efficiently provide help with companies by assisting with: the initial investment application, company set up, the search for the company’s registration address, legal representation for the ID No. application, legal representation for the ARC application, MLM documents filing (including the operation plan, representative agreement, product flyer, product filing evaluation etc.), the application for cosmetic publication or advertising approval, the product registration and examination application, the product label draft, assistance with a search for a OEM, assistance with the on-site inspection conducted by the Fair Trade Commission, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, tax declaration(s), consultation on the implementation of the MLM business operation, as well as updates and compliance instructions according to the changes in local law and regulations. We have provided the above mentioned services, as well as legal advice on more basic business functions (e.g. Office location, staff recruiting, paying salaries to employees, searching and implementing the business office software and hardware equipment for company) to many different foreign companies who are setting up in Taiwan. Zhong Yin Law Firm is the premier choice for the foreign MLM company who is looking to enter into markets in the Far East.

Service Scope provided by our Firm:

  • Filing assistance to the appropriate authorities and acquisition of the relevant license(s)
  • Compliance instructions on the MLM business operations & innovation
  • Assistance with the application for registration and examination of any MLM products
  • Ongoing updates & compliance instructions on any changes in the local MLM laws and regulations
  • Assistance with on-site inspection(s) conducted by the relevant authorities
  • Enterprise setup and compliance
  • MLM Industry acquisitions and splits

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