Zhong Yin Law Firm with its team of Intellectual Property(IP) lawyers with years of extensive and prolific experience in intellectual property rights, has successfully provided IP legal services to protect IP rights including patent, trademarks, copyrights and other related legal services for many transnational and domestic high-technology enterprises. We act as an agent for many famous clients for their IP lawsuits in telecom, telecommunications, computer software, internet, semiconductor, biology, medicine, auto mechanical, plane, media, and entertainment companies. With the recent developments of Internet and high-profile technology, Zhong Yin Law Firm continues to promote our legal services on IP protection in Internet, ecommerce, license trade, concession and other related high-profile IP legal sectors on the basis of traditional IP rights. Zhong Yin Law Firm has built solid links and cooperation with many trademark and patent agencies to provide assistance for enterprises in trademark registration, patent application, software enrollment, domain name registration and customs IP protection.


Zhong Yin Law Firm has profound knowledge and experience in domestic and foreign trademark legal services, including trademark protection strategy, trademark registration, trademark protection, trademark management, trademark rights and trademark anti-illegitimate competition litigation. We have set up solid cooperation relationships with many domestic and overseas trademark agencies, and provided high quality, fully efficient, and thorough legal services in fields of company name pre-registration, trademark checking, and domestic and international trademark registration applications.

Service Scope

  • Trademark protection strategy
  • Trademark management
  • Trademark searching and follow-up services
  • Acting as an agent in trademark application
  • Acting as an agent in objection, reexamination of rejection, disputes and revocation of trademarks
  • Acting as an agent in administrative litigation of trademarks
  • Investigation of market and enterprises
  • Conduct trademark rights by justice and administration
  • Customs protection of trademark rights
  • Licensing and transfer of trademarks
  • Domain name registration and disputes settlements
  • Other legal service related to trademarks


Patent lawyers and agents of Zhong Yin Law Firm have set up long-term cooperation relationships with patent counselors in many transnational enterprises, and provided varying, high-quality IP protection schemes for domestic and overseas clients. Most lawyers in this department have science and engineering educational background and profound experiences in their related fields. With thorough understanding of technicality details and years of practical experience, our lawyers can effectively protect our clients’ patented technologies and scientific research efforts through both legal and technical means. Our clients are mainly from high technology enterprises, listed companies, transnational companies, and emerging market companies in information technology, telecommunication, genetics, pharmaceutical, datum, electron, software, multimedia and manufacturing fields.

Service Scope

  • Patent protection strategy
  • Acting as an agent in patent application of inventions, utility models, and designs
  • Acting as an agent in reexamination and invalidation application of patents
  • Acting as an agent in patent administrative litigation
  • Conduct patent rights by justice and administration
  • Customs protection of patent rights
  • Searching and observation of patents
  • Licensing and transfer of patent rights
  • Stakeout and awaking of patent annual fees
  • Management service for patent rights


Zhong Yin Law Firm has team of professional copyrights lawyers and experts who have in the long term engaged in research on copyrights protection law and practices in copyrights protection, business secrets, technology secrets, un-closed technology, integrate circuit design, computer software, database protection and new plant varieties. We have accumulated a large quantity of theoretical research and practical experiences in new technology fields including e-commerce and biological and new materials through years of successful, client-satisfied copyright protection cases.

  • Provide legal opinions in copyrights protection strategy and legal risk prevention measures
  • Computer software registration
  • Draft publishing contracts and copyrights licensing contracts
  • Evidence investigation of and legal opinion on copyrights infringement
  • Litigation and administrative investigation on copyrights

IP Litigation

  • Acting as an agent in patent, trademark, copyright cases
  • Acting as an agent in unfair competition cases
  • Acting as an agent in IP related administrative litigation cases
  • Acting as an agent in IP related criminal litigation cases
  • Acting as an agent in internet IP litigation cases
  • Acting as an agent in new-type IP litigation cases