Zhong Yin Law Firm is one of the earliest law firms providing legal services for international businesses in China, having accumulated rich practical experiences and gained profound and professional knowledge in many fields like WTO disputes settlement, anti-dumping, anti-trust law, international trade services, and international investments. Zhong Yin Law Firm can examine and draft documents, provide legal advice, and participate in negotiations in a variety of languages. Recently, Zhong Yin Law Firm’s International Business department has extensively researched WTO and related foreign affairs closely around the theme of “Service and Benefits,” and fully demonstrates the advantages in both theory and practice on foreign legal businesses. Zhong Yin Law Firm has made many proud achievements in its efforts to help governments and various circles of society by providing them with high-quality foreign legal services and participates in solving international trading disputes and cultural communications home and abroad.

International Trade

      With China’s rapid trade development with foreign countries, the amount of international trade that Zhong Yin Law Firm handles is full-grown. As of now, Zhong Yin Law Firm has accumulated rich experiences in key areas including international trade, WTO disputes settlement, negotiations of international trade agreements, customs and import and export consultancy. Zhong Yin Law Firm aims at maintaining customers’ interests and international market order, making the most of the advantage of its professional knowledge and skills to actively represent domestic and foreign enterprises in settlement of international trade disputes, providing domestic and foreign enterprises with high-quality agency services, and thus effectively protecting the legal rights and interests of foreign and domestic market entities.

Service Scope

  • Acting as an agent for enterprises and the government to appeal for safeguard measure cases
  • Acting as an agent for enterprises to solve Customers Law and other related legal problems in daily import and export businesses
  • Acting as an agent for the government to participate in WTO dispute cases
  • Acting as an agent for the government to participate in multi-lateral and bilateral international trade agreement negotiation
  • Acting as an agent for the government to research trading policies

International Investment

Zhong Yin Law Firm is leading law firm in international legal service, continually moving forward by providing high-quality legal services to carve out new areas and enlarge our legal scope, and ascending into international investment law and finance law practice to gain more outstanding achievements. Zhong Yin Law Firm has extensive experience in representing both foreign and domestic enterprises in investment and other related projects in China. Our specialty and creativity in designing investment projects have effectively protected the rights and interests of our clients, and garnered us a unanimous reputation from both our clients and the industry itself.

Service Scope

  • Investment structure design and legal due diligence
  • Draft feasibility research reports and assist with application for investment projects
  • Draft amendments of corporation set-up documents (including joint venture contracts and memorandums) and technology license agreements, and attend related negotiations
  • Provide legal advice on government examination, approval and registrations and assist handling of relevant legal proceedings and procedures
  • Compliance scrutiny and supervision of an enterprise’s ordinary business fairs.
  • Reorganization, disorganization, liquidation and other enterprise related legal affairs

Legal Services in Germany

Zhong Yin Law Firm has many years of practice in China-German trade activities. With the establishment of our new sub-office in Frankfort, Zhong Yin Law Firm’s legal services in Germany have seen exponential growth in recent years. We provide our German clients with legal services in many fields such as investment- orientated enterprise legal affairs, litigation and arbitration, as well as international trade. Our law firm serves as the comprehensive platform that links to our German sub-office.

Service Scope

  • Set-up, management, reorganization and liquidation-oriented investment (in China) activities of German enterprises
  • Merger & acquisition including investment schemes
  • Technology transfer and intellectual property rights protection
  • Provide multi-directional annual legal counsel for German enterprises including labor disputes settlements
  • International trade, trade in tax-exemption areas and other special economic and trade legal services
  • Litigation and arbitration for German enterprises

Legal Services in Korea

Zhong Yin Law Firm’s team of lawyers
in Korea provides enterprise-related services and are able to work proficiently in Korean. Most of the lawyers on our team have legal educational
backgrounds or work experience in Korea. Zhong Yin Law Firm acts
as a legal counselor for many comprehensive Korean enterprises
and manufacturers as well as Korean enterprises investing in China.

Service Scope

  • Set-up, management, reorganization and liquidation oriented investment activities (in China) of South Korean enterprises
  • Investment scheme of South Korean enterprises in China
  • Mergers and acquisitions of South Korean enterprises
  • Legal service in technology transfer and intellectual property rights protection
  • Provide multi-directional annual legal counsel for South Korean enterprises including labor disputes settlements
  • Related disputes settlement, arbitration, and litigation for Korean enterprises