2017 Int’l Legal Seminar on Direct Selling and Multi-level Marketing -Partner Charlotte Wu’s speech outlining current trends and regulatory issues in Multi-level Marketing brought by the development of internet technology in Taiwan.

On 21st June 2017, the “International Seminar on the regulatory regime for Direct selling and Multi-level Marketing” finished at 5pm at the NTUH International Convention Center. The event was co-hosted by the Chung-Hwa Direct Selling Law Association, Taiwan Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation, Taiwan Direct Selling Association and the Legal Center for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship, School of Law of National Chung Tung University, and was co-sponsored by Power Networking Monthly, and the Brainet Group.

Charlotte Shao-Han Wu, a partner at Zhong Yin Law Firm, delivered a speech in which she shared her insight on the current trends in Taiwan’s MLM industry arising out of internet innovation, and also raised some possible regulatory issues and challenges that cutting-edge MLM products and services may face. Her speech was well received by those that attended. During the closing ceremony, Charlotte Wu received an award by the host in recognition for her long-time commitment and contribution to the Taiwanese MLM industry.

Thanks to her extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique culture and market of Taiwan’s MLM industry and regulatory environment, Charlotte has been helping various direct selling companies, both foreign and local, in Taiwan and other Asian countries with their business expansion and company compliance. She also expertise in integration of new networking technologies such as E-Commerce, Fin-Tech, biotechnology, and other types of service products related to direct selling and Multi-level Marketing.

Photo: Charlotte Wu (Pictured in the white dress, fourth from the left) along with other guests and speakers at the event.


Photo:Charlotte Wu’s presentation.


Photo:Picture of the crowd listening to Charlotte Wu’s speech.


Photo:Partner Charlotte Wu (pictured middle, in the white dress) receiving an award from Lin Yi-Nan, chairman of the Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation, Taiwan)