Real estate and constructional engineering is an important field in our legal practice, and the services of this department cover the whole line of real estate, including exploitation of the construction project, financing, construction, selling, and property management. With profound legal skills, developed social relationships, and practical experiences, Zhong Yin Law Firm has provided high quality and effective legal services such as civil engineering, city- reconstruction, transport infrastructure construction, commercial building construction, real estate sales, property financing, property renting, property guarantees, mortgaging and other real estate transactions for many domestic and overseas clients.

Real Estate

Zhong Yin Law Firm has a specialized background and practical experience in real estate transactions, and is composed of a group of senior lawyers who are well versed in legal affairs of domestic real estate. The whole process of real estate development project includes the acquirement the right to use land, the establishment of real estate corporations, and the set-up, approval, exploitation, construction, presale, checking and accepting, sale and other related fields like financing, investment, mortgaging, and reallocation of the real estate project. During the entire process of real estate transactions, Zhong Yin Law Firm dedicates a full play of it team power to achieve a good division of labor between professional lawyers, realizing the close combination of the practice of suit and non-suit cases in real estate, enabling our clients to effectively and economically achieve their business goals. Our clients include many famous companies with great achievements in real estate and public project fields in China.

Service Scope

  • Set-up of a new real estate company or project company
  • Acquire various approval sand licenses for real estate projects
  • Acquisition, cooperation and transferring of real estate projects
  • Exclusive selling and agency of real estate projects
  • Other related legal services in real estate

Construction Engineering

Zhong Yin Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in providing services in construction engineering. With dozens of lawyers experienced in large-scale projects constituting a constructional engineering business team, they deeply understand the demands and problems of our clients in law theory as well as in the practical area of construction engineering, and have provided our clients domestic and abroad with thorough and syndicated legal services including setting-up of construction projects, feasibility research, bidding and tendering, establishment of project companies, whole-equipment accommodation, key-delivery, project construction, operation and approval of house construction engineering and other civil engineering. We are proficient in FIDIC contract terms and practice, and we provide legal services in export credit, syndicated bank loans, and other financing operation related to construction projects. We know and avoid legal risks and solve legal problems in commerce and contracts to help our clients achieve their commercial goals.

Service Scope

  • Housing, villa, mansion construction projects
  • Rebuilding projects for old cities and historical sites
  • Construction projects for industrial areas and economic development districts
  • Construction projects for top rated hotels, shopping malls, and commercial mansions
  • Construction projects for high-speed roads, bridges and tunnels
    Construction projects for landscapes, vacation villages, and golf courses
  • Construction projects for airports and dams

Property Management and Renting

Zhong Yin Law Firm has rich experience in property management and rentals. With respect to property management, we assist clients to organize and select property management companies, help management companies establish property representative assemblies, property owner management institutions, construct legal relationships between management corporations and all the property owners and their agents, draft and examine property management examination conventions, property management rules and regulations and other legal documents, coordinate and handle disputes arising out of the process of management; We also have deep professional knowledge on and rich experiences in property financing, housing sales, property ownership guarantees, mortgages, and all kinds of other transactions related to property renting.

Service Scope

  • Property renting
  • Property financing, including bank mortgage and bank loans
  • Purchase and sale of industrial, commercial and housing properties
  • Property ownership guarantees and mortgages
  • Property development, operation, and management institutions
  • Property related ownership disputes